Karaoke Ice- Blog #2

Karaoke Ice, By: Jessica Plume

Monday, September 26 2011

Nancy Nowacek created Karaoke Ice. Karaoke Ice is a mobile social space in which people can sing karaoke and eat freezes all at the same time. Karaoke ice was created into a truck that travels the country to allow people to perform songs to other people by singing karaoke and by handing out icy treats on hot summer days. I think her work is really creative and different from everything else I seen because I thought it was interesting how she combined singing with icy treats into one truck and travel around the country getting other people to see there work. This relates to a normal ice-cream truck because it travels around cities and towns and makes music and stops at areas and will hand out ice treats to people in the streets. Nancy Nowacek, Katie Salen and Marina Zurkow made this project in collaboration with graduates of CADRE.  The music was produced and arranged by Lem Jay Ignaico. This project “The Karaoke Ice” was created by combining a Ice-cream truck with Karaoke singing. Nancy Nowacek is a creative artist that focuses on work that relates to practice of space and everyday life. She does drawings, sculptures, performances, and architectural work. Karaoke ice ended being a very successful work that was enjoyed my many people.

~ by jessicaplume on September 26, 2011.

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